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Self installed MaxxAir ( by now I have done 3)


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 Winterizing and Dewinterizing a typical RV

Trail Cruiser water valves:


            Water heater, all 3 valve knobs point front to rear. 


At Water tank:::::::

Anti freeze Suction line, closed (Knob at 90 degree angle to water line)

Tank to water pump line, open (Knob in line with water line)

Fresh Water tank drain, closed. (Small knob points toward tank)


To winterize:

Open hot water at sink to get pressure off water heater tank.

Remove drain plug from water heater tank.  Be ready for 6 gallons of water.

Water heater, all 3 valve knobs point up and down. (bypass mode) 

Fresh Water tank drain; open until tank is empty, then close.

Uncap the low point water drains and open all faucets.

When flow stops, close all faucets and recap the drains.

(Consider buying a plastic (Quest?) valves to replace each cap.)

Place clear suction hose near fresh water tank in a gallon jug of pink RV water system antifreeze.

Open valve (Knob in line with water line)

 Turn on pump, open each faucet, hot and cold, one at a time until pink AF runs out.

Flush toilet until pink.

Same for outside shower if equipped.

Turn pump off.  Turn suction line valve off (Knob at 90 degree angle to water line)

Drain suction tube back into AF bottle or small cup.  About 1.5 gallons of AF was used in my 27RKS.

Add about 1 cup of AF to each drain, sink, shower, and lavatory.


To dewinterize:

Hook up to city water.

Open all hot and cold faucets until water runs clear (and flush toilet).

Now restore the hot water heater valves to the normal position. (this keeps AF out of the empty hot water tank until the system is flushed)

Turn on a hot water faucet to let tank fill and get air out of line.

At fresh water tank, open the tank to water pump line valve, (Knob in line with water line)


Note that if you have trouble filling the fresh water tank, you probably have water in the air bleed line.  This can happen at any time, especially if traveling with a full tank.  You can try to maneuver the 1/2 inch clear vent hose to get any water to flow back to the tank or get a piece of 3/8" or whatever tubing it takes to fit against the small "bleed" hold beside the fresh water inlet and blow until the line is clear.  A tubeless tire valve and a 12 volt air compressor might make work easier.  I think it would fit right against the air bleed opening.